Valley Regency

1129 Valley Road
Clifton, NJ


A Review by Rodi Alexander

"It's been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Any beholder will surely discover beauty in all its elegance at the gorgeous Valley Regency located at 1129 Valley Road in Clifton, on the site of the former Robin Hood Inn.

Orchestrated by the Russo family, former owners of the Casa Dante Restaurant in Jersey City for 25 years, the Valley Regency is a dream come true - an idea the family held while they operated their successful restaurant.

The grounds feature a three-tier garden, a waterfall and a gazebo. The grounds also offer an array of colorful flowers and greenery, Jennie, Janet and Frank, are the architects of the in-house floral arrangements and displays.

The interior ambiance as it is at this moment, will thrill and delight the most difficult to please connoisseur. One of the major rooms (which has been utilized since Valley Regency opened its doors) will be undergoing a conversion to accommodate more patrons and to bring about a fresh party atmosphere.

Wisely, Anthony and Vincent have included a cocktail room, separate from this sit-down dinner/buffet room, in the belief that this type of facility will best enrich the performance of each event. As such, only one or two affairs will function at one time. The manner in which the rooms are situated will enable each gathering to receive total attention from the staff. Could be since each room carries its own particular allure and attitude, patrons may decide by the room and not the number of guests when they book an affair.

Meticulous attention is a priority at Valley Regency. On the day my companions and I visited Valley Regency we went through each room carefully, observing each detail on the table settings in the rooms in which two parties were to take place that evening. The oohs and aahs and "look at this" and "how about that" were words we spoke as we walked through Valley Regency.

When we saw the large party room with its window settings over-looking the New York Skyline, we decided each person at every party would request those seats! As for the lighting, the decor, table settings, carpeting, chairs, wall coverings - whatever - all complement the posh ambiance and the overall appearance of the latest in brass, glass, mirrors and other luxury appointments.

As for the cuisine presented at Valley Regency, the family has a motto. "We serve restaurant cuisine at our catered events. Which translates to "Homemade on Premises" by Chef/owner Domenico Rizzi, whose expertise in the field of cooking and picture perfect platters is renowned. If you haven't savored Rizzi's cuisine as yet, you'll know why he is special following your function at Valley Regency. Nobody looks after a business more diligently than an owner/chef.

Here's a sit down Dinner Menu for you to peruse. It's just one of the many package plans offered. Choice of one Prosciutto & Melon; Fruit Plate or Cold Antipasto; Family Style Fried Calamari; Clams Oreganato. Choice of Pasta; Choice of Caesar or Tossed Salad; Choice of two entrees - Chicken Francese, Veal Marsala, Steak Salmon; Coffee, Tea and Cake. This package is surprisingly priced when you take into consideration the wonderful cuisine & atmosphere at The Valley Regency.

You'll discover Deluxe Wedding Menus, with Gloved Butler Service - All those little extras that denote meticulous attention, when deciding on where to hold your special day or social function. Easy to reach and with much to offer, you can't go wrong at Valley Regency"!



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