Ron Sunshine &
Full Swing

Golden Bug Music
528 Ninth Street #1
Brooklyn, NY 11215

(212) 714-4510




Dear Ron,

"What can I say...You made one of the most important days of our lives into one of The Most Fun days of our lives. Here's what you should know:

You looked fantastic. All of you. Your timing was incredible -- the perfect songs at the perfect time.

You were - the whole band - just so nice; we felt we had 7 more friends at the wedding, not just a band. And you were great to Andy. (friend of groom - who sang with the band).

You sounded phenomenal. Do you know how many people of all ages told me our wedding was the best they'd ever been to? You had plenty to do with that.

Did you know that the people who work at the resort, and put on a wedding a weekend, were still buzzing about it the next day!

That the bartender actually called up a buddy & held up the phone so a friend could hear you?

Please let me know if there's anything we can ever do for you...any references you like, anything!"

Did I say thank you?

Thank you!

Jody and Irv



Dear Ron,

"Sheila and I extend our deepest thanks to you & the members of Full Swing for putting on such an enjoyable afternoon of tunes at our wedding. You guys were exceptional, and we couldn't have had music that was better suited; guests are still talking about you & it goes without saying that it wouldn't have been nearly the party without your band!

Please let the guys know how much there playing meant to us, and how much pleasure you provided to everyone at our wedding."

Many thanks again,


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