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22 Oak Street
Ridgewood, NJ

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"Satisfy your palate with delectable flavors of the Far East at Kailash in Ridgewood. Diners can indulge in a feast of Thai and Indian specialties that are authentically prepared in separate kitchens.

Sit back and enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant as you listen to soft music and smell the aromatic foreign spices. A description of each menu selection is provided and the waiters and waitresses can answer any other questions you might have about the dishes.

Every entree can be prepared for your specific dietary and taste requirements if you request it when you place your order. The dishes are all low in fats and only fresh and lean meats, fish, poultry and garden vegetables are used. Noodle dishes are also served.

Kailash is open daily for lunch and dinner. Thai lunches include a choice of soup, spring roll or salad. The Indian entrees are served with Basmathi rice and a choice of three types of bread, Dhal, salad and sautéed cabbage.

Dinner menus offer a wide selection of appetizers, soups, salads, breads and entrees. Every food preference can be satisfied by the wide variety of dishes available.

Favorite Tandoori Indian specials, can be prepared in a Tandoor oven that is made of clay. If you are a poultry fan, try the Murgh Tikka, which is boneless pieces of chicken marinated, skewered and grilled in the Tandoor oven.

Popular Thai dishes that are noted for their balance can also be savored. A frequently requested Thai entree is Pa-Nang, which offers a choice of chicken, beef or pork in coconut milk, pa-nany curry and bell peppers.

Non-alcoholic beverages are also available. Be sure to sample the specialty drink of the house called a Lassi, which is a sweet or salty yogurt drink. You can choose from a variety of Lassi flavors including; Mango, strawberry, pineapple or peach".



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