47 East Ridgewood Ave.
Ridgewood, NJ

Fax: 201-670-1850


New York Magazine


"How far will you go for rumored perfection?

Our hired wheels flew across the George Washington Bridge and hit Ridgewood in twenty minutes. Not far at all. Expecting "some of the best Indian food in the metropolitan area," as Indian pals had promised, we are charmed at once by sconces patterned after Indian kites, bangles glittering on the walls, and Rajasthan puppets levitating at Mela. A sweetly obliging waiter trundles enough food for ten though we're just a greedy five. Elegantly tasty samosa (not greasy at all) and crunchy bhel puri and chat puri with yogurt and tamarind launch the feast. Then marvelously moist ginger-chicken kabobs (dark meat only, we specify), fiery lamb vindaloo, and a sampling of breads (cheese nan and a whole-wheat balloon puri are the favorites). For the vegetarians: fragrant stews of cauliflower, eggplant, chickpeas, achari potatoes. Only the hardiest can do justice to rich carrot halwa and sweet gulab jamun. (About $38 per person with tip; bring your own beer, or shop down the street.)"


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